Thanksgiving can be kind of boring... for kids!

In my home, I spend all morning running around trying to make everything perfect for that meal that ends up lasting less than an hour!

My husband is watching a movie or the game.

My kids, they just don't understand what all of the hype is about!

I mean no candy, no presents... it's kind of lame!

However, for me it's my favorite holiday! It's my holiday.

This is not me!

So, I tried to find a few things meant just for the kids on this {boring} day!

Alpha Mom created this wonderful kids table kit

Doodle Art Alley has some fun coloring pages

Kindergarten Fever has a few different activities for reading and counting

How Does She never fails, Tic-Tac-Turkey

Prettie Parties has come up with some Thanksgiving Day Trivia. Answers can be found on their blog. has 10 different fun Thanksgiving hat ideas to choose from


  1. Great ideas ! Thank you for sharing. I will be using some of them for Thanksgiving this year.


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