Toys and I have a love.hate relationship!

I love toys. When I'm busy, it's a great thing to entertain the boys. Some are for fun. Some build imagination. Some are even educational. My boys have plenty, so they never get bored.

I hate toys. They seem to multiply all on their own. They can cause pain either on their own or with the assistance of others. One of the worst feelings is stepping on one. It's almost as bad, if not worse than stubbing your toe.

I remember growing up as a kid, everything went into one big toy box. However, I didn't have very many toys. I was more in to dancing, so I kept my room clear of things to have room to dance.

Now my boys have tons of toys. Some in their bedroom. Some in the toy room. Some in the car. Some in to go bags. I was tired of having them all over the place.

I recently took a trip to my local Walmart and Dollar Store. I think the Dollar Store is my new favorite place for storage bins. They are fun, cute and cheap... who doesn't want that?

For the boys room, I used the canvas bins like you can find, here.

My oldest likes to sit in them, that is why the cream ones look a little odd shaped.

Organizing this shelf cost about $15. A little too much for my taste, but it looks nice and you can't see what's inside the bins from a distance.

Then I headed over to the Dollar Store and found these lovelies... they came in blue, green, and pink.

This ran me $4. I like it!

My boys like to go over pick their bin and play with what's inside. My youngest has the bottom shelf and my oldest has the top. 

I have to brag for a moment here, my oldest is very organized. He's only 2 1/2 and heaven forbid you mix the toys. He still likes to pull out every single toy he has, but he also knows that when you say it's time to clean up each bin has their own toys: dinosaurs , blocks, action figures... He's a chip off of the ol' block!

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