My oldest is 3 now, which means he knows what Halloween is and how fun it can be!

He's been asking me to make some fun things this year to decorate the house with.

Here is a collection of my favorites.

Here is what we've done...

Paper Plate Ghosts
My little guy had a fun time making this ghost! He's been asking for a long time to make one, so we sat down last week and did it!
 All you need is a paper plate, black paper or black marker, white paper and streamer paper and glue or tape. 

Pumpkin Creatures
After we did the ghost, he moved on to pumpkins. So, I pulled out the paper plates, orange, black, green and brown paper and some orange paint. You can save yourself a step and if you have a 3 year old like me, the mess, and buy orange plates in the party section.  This was super easy and so much fun to make!

My oldest has been asking to make a Frankenstein for weeks now. All you need is 1 sheet of green, black and white paper and some glue. This was so fun! He must have asked me to take 20 pictures of him with his Frankenstein.

Spider Hands
I found a three pack of canvas for under $4 at Walmart. We painted the canvas with some orange paint. I used white paint to create the web and black paint with my little guys hand prints. We glued on some googly eyes and added a little smirk. I think it's the cutest little spider, ever!

Here are some others we've decided to work on...


  1. Wow, lots of fun, easy to do, low cost ideas! Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Such fun stuff! Your boys will have lots of fun!

  3. Always looking for fun crafts for my 2 year old! Love the footprints!


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