I have a serious need to organize!

I organize everything, from my clothes to my movies to my cleaning supplies to my makeup.

Face it, we could all use a little help busting through that morning routine. So why not organize our hair and makeup stations!

I live in an apartment, which translates into NO space!

Most of these are to accommodate the inability to  make holes in the walls or cabinets.


Check out for their Over-the-Door Organizer for $30.

Best part is, it hides behind the door!

 I always get frustrated when I can't find what I need!

I found the perfect Cosmetic Organizer at Organize It.

It's simple enough and 18 bucks!

Another frustration I've had is finding a place for my hairdryer. 

But, I found this over the door cabinet organizer at Stacks and Stacks.

It's $24. A little pricey,  I know.

I also love their under the sink storage. Perfect for additional hair styling supplies!

Also at Stacks and Stacks for $30, this...

Seriously? Never lose anything again.

If you are lucky enough to have drawers in your bathroom then I envy you!

And last but not least, also at Stacks and Stacks (my new favorite place) an expandable cosmetic drawer organizer for $16.

Happy Organizing!

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