Repinning is so easy.

We see the image we love, repin and after we are done repinning, we go back and look. Well, at least that's how I do it.

One of my pet peeves is repinning something on Pinterest and then having to go in search of the actual pin I repinned.

You know, where you click on the picture to see the actual post and it leads you back to the website and you have to go in search of the post you're wanting. I've spent a good half an hour on some websites looking for the pin I want, just to give up and delete the pin.

Man, I have deleted some awesome pins!
Most of us know how to pin properly. So, this post isn't for you. This post is for the newcomers to Pinterest, the not so computer savvy and such.

Today I am going to show you how to pin. Meaning you are the original pinner of the image.

Step 1: Fall in love or a very much like with a project, image or video.

Step 2: Click on the title of the post where your image is. This will ensure that the pin is connected directly to the picture you want.

Step 3: Then pin as normal (click on image you want to pin, pick which category you want it to go to, add details of the pin and press "Pin It"). Only the images related to that pin, plus the side bars on the blog will show up.

I hope this helps someone out there, I know it will help me if I end up repinning one of your pins!

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