With the holidays coming there is no better time to clean house!

Keep 2 bags with you... 1 for trash and 1 for donations!

Not, much... just one thing a day for 20 days!

1. Clean out the entry way closet! Don't have one? Me neither. Clean out the entry way... coat rack, baskets, take the bills off of the entry table and file them... clean the windows, wipe down the baseboards, vacuum the corners and crevices... got the idea?
2. Clean out the pantry... this may be a two day project. Divide your pantry in half and get r' done! Throw out expired food, gather food (that isn't expired) to donate to your local food bank, reorganize... kids snacks further down so that they can get them themselves, label storage containers.

3. Finish cleaning out the pantry.
4. Clean out the fridge! Get rid of expired condiments and get out all of those old leftovers. Wipe down the inside and buy a few plastic placemats to place inside and a couple of baskets to store your meats, cheeses and snacks in.
5. Let's conquer under the sink. Take everything out! Vacuum out the corners and crevices. Do you have a couple of extra baskets from the fridge organization? Use them to separate... carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dish/dishwasher soaps.
6. Kitchen cabinets. Do you have some appliances that you don't use that often, or ever? Get rid of them now. Too many coffee/hot cocoa mugs? Get rid of them now. Pots, pans and cookie sheets that need to be tossed? Do it now!
7. Bathroom storage. Throw out everything that is expired or not being used! Grab some baskets and organize! Kid 1's bathroom stuff. Kid 2's bathroom stuff. Your bathroom stuff. Your husband's bathroom stuff. Toilet paper. Cleaning supplies. Refold all of the towels and store them nicely.

8. Just in case you have more than one bathroom, here's an extra day. If not, take a break or get caught up on one of the previous days.
9. Under the bed. Let's conquer just the kid's stuff. I use under the bed for storage. Food storage and crafts. But, I still need to pull everything out and vacuum. Those dust bunnies won't be bugging you during the holidays. If it's already organized, put everything else back. If it's full of toys and books and other things put everything in it's place!
10. How about under your bed? Get to it!
11. Closets, this will occupy the next three days. Get rid of old clothes, you'll be getting new ones for Christmas anyway! Go through your shoes, same thing... get rid of them! How about the tops of the racks .
12. Husband's side now!
13. Kids Closet
14. Clean your drawers! Go through your dresser and your husband's dresser.
15. Clean out the kid's dressers.

16. DVD's/ Blu Ray organization. Believe it or not, my movie collection is alphabetized and separated into categories. I also clean out my collection every once in a while, movies I've realized that I really don't like, grown out of or have updated into a blu ray.
17. Make up organization. Clean out all of that old makeup. Clean your makeup brushes. Make a little command center for all of your makeup!
18. Playroom. Your kids accumulate more toys than Toys R Us. a good rule for the holidys, pick 10 good toys that don't get played with and donate them to a local shelter. Sometimes kids at shelters don't have any and this would bring a smile to their faces. This rule is per kid! So in my home 20 toys are out the door! There is a lot of space now!
19. Craft stuff, I usually don't like the word assume, but for lack of a better word, I am going to assume you have some craft stuff here and there. Pull it all together and sort through it. Get rid of the stuff you don't use and organize the stuff you are going to keep.
20. The car! You can't forget the car. Sometimes, the car can become a place for trash. Clean out the trash. Wow! Your car looks so much better now! Grab an old backpack or a new one, fill it with toys, books and anything else that would keep your kid occupied while in the car. If you can have one for each kid, that way they don't fight.

I hope this list helps.

If you don't have $$$ for a million baskets, check out this site for a cute way to recycle old boxes with just mod pogde and wrapping paper.

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