It's one of the things I really look forward to each year!

However, every Christmas I just end up taping them to the back of my door so that I can see them.

Not this year though. This year, I am going all out and getting creative! Now, just to decide...

This was originally posted just to be wall art. But you could totally turn these into a card holder. All you need is some festive fabric, foam board, ribbon or raffia and a glue gun with glue sticks.

This was originally meant to be for your kid's wish list. However, you could use the same concept for your Christmas cards. All you need is a wooden ornament, paint, ribbon, clothes pins and a glue gun with glue sticks!

I love this idea! SO simple. You need small wooden clothespins, acrylic paint & foam brush, various patterned papers (in Christmas colors, of course!), coordinating buttons, decoupage medium & foam brush, hot glue gun and 3 to 5 yards ribbon (depending on where you hang your garland).

I don't have a staircase, but this is beautiful! It's the same concept as the last one, but the garland just adds a little more to it!

 Shanty 2 Chic

This is such a cute way  to display your cards. 4 2x4's, paint sticks, staple gun, twine, clothes pins and decoration. I love this one!

 S.A.S Interiors
This a great way to display your cards. You need 6′ long X 12″ wide wood board, clothes pins (30 – 35), spray pain, stencil, white paint & stain (for the distressing), and paint for the letter.

 Budget Wise Home

The most simplest of all! Just need ribbon and clothes pins.

So, which you do you think is the best idea?

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