A couple of weeks ago I headed out looking for some things, cheap things I could buy my boys to play with. I usually head over to the summer sections of the stores.

Target is usually in the back corner, while Walmart and Toys R Us usually puts it right in front.

I found the following...

My boys love sports! Including the husband. Which makes my younger ones love it more!

Update: They had similar ones at Walmart for $5, these ones were just nicer. $1 didn't make a difference to me.

This machine has kept my boys occupied for hours already. I keep the bottle because it's kind of small and I buy the big $1 ones and refill the little bottle. Or I use this recipe for bubbles, here.

Update: I went to Walmart and found it for $10. Yeah, went back and returned the one from Toys R Us.

I like this! But I say if your kid isn't old enough to set them back up without bumping them down on his own, skip it!

Update: Walmart had a set for $5. I returned this to Toys R Us too.

These are fun. I would say this is best for 2 year olds and older. It's a bit too tall for younger kids. But my 2 year old loves it!

Wading Pool for $8

This is my new favorite thing. I live in Florida and we live outside 11 months of the year. My boys love the water and they really love this pool. It's a great addition to our summer!

Some things I'll be making to help make the summer more fun...

Yep. This summer is going to rock! 
What are some ideas you have for outdoor summer fun?

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