I think I have an addiction!


I have them all over my house!

I use them for different things...

Like in my room, it stores my makeup.

I bought this big board in a craft store in Utah that is no longer in business. {I mourned for weeks.} I painted it black, slapped on some vinyl, added some magnets to the back of my makeup and voila!

In my boys room, I hang up their pictures above their dressers.

This one is a bit smaller and I painted it black, again slapped it with vinyl and voila. I found a wooden letter{first initial of each name}, painted it and a little mirror, added in vinyl "I am a child of God", put some magnets on the back and added it to the board with their pictures.

In my dining room, I use it as decor.

This was super simple. I just painted the frame black... (I like black wood, then I can add in other things, but this gives me a continuous look) and added a sheet of scrapbook paper. You could glue it to the sheet metal, but I like the idea of changing it as my taste changes, so no glue for me. Then I found a cardboard "S" for our last name, painted it black, added some magnets and voila!

In my husbands office, He uses it for sports stuff, pics and decor.

My husband is a big BYU fan, I made this for him last year for Christmas {sorry for the glare}. I painted the frame white since the wall will be painted navy, I left the sheet metal unpainted and added a navy vinyl "Y" for the Cougs. I found some magnets {5x7}, applied pictures to the magnet sheet that can now be used to hang up some of our tickets and autographs and such.

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