These have been popping up all over the blogging world!

I didn't want to leave my readers, or my boys for that matter, out of the fun!

I found the sponges, 6 for $3 at Walmart.

I cut each sponge into three pieces lengthwise.

Place the pieces three pieces layered across and stacked three pieces high.
Here is where you can go a couple of different ways. I just grabbed them and tied them with a hair tie. You could also use string, place it under the sponges along the center. Wrap the string around the sponges and pull it tight.  Tie the string in a double knot. 

And there you go!

So much more fun than water balloons and less of a mess!

Small ones were 3x3

Larger ones were 6x3


  1. So fun!

    I bet your boys loved it!

    1. They did! Even the hubs! He and my oldest had a sponge ball fight. It was great!


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