Every year we set up a Christmas tree. 

We pick it out, set it up and decorate it. 

This year, I got a Halloween tree. Well, created one.

Here's what I did...

1. The base - I reused the candle jar my Diamond Candle came in. I filled it with clear glass pebbles, wrapped it in burlap and tied a black bow around it. 

2. The tree - I found two branches at Hobby Lobby for $8 bucks a piece. Luckily, they were having a sale! 50% off. If not, use their 40% off coupon. I taped the bottom 6-7 inches with electrical tape.

3. The decorations - I also found the glass ornament for a set of 12 for $8. Luckily, they were 40% off. I saved the crinkle paper that comes inside my Julep box and used it to fill the inside of my ornaments. I used black, orange and purple. 


It's a nice, different decoration. 

Come back in a couple of weeks and see how I redecorate it for Thanksgiving!


  1. I love your tree! It's different! I like it! The decorations are so cute!


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