Baking soda isn't just for baking! I've been using it all over my house for the past couple of weeks from cleaning my glass stove top to freshening my mattresses to exfoliating my face.

Health Uses
1. Use it as underarm deodorant by applying it with a powder puff.
2. Mix half a teaspoon with peroxide paste and use it as toothpaste.
3. Use it as a face and body scrub.
4. Add a cup to bathwater to soften your skin.
5. Relieve skin itch from insect bites and pain from sunburn.

6. Put two tablespoons in your baby’s bathwater to help relieve diaper rash.
7. Apply it on rashes, insect bites, and poison ivy irritations.
8. Heartburn? Take a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with one-half glass of water.
9. Relieve canker sore pain by using it as mouthwash.
10. Use it to relieve bee stings. Make it into a paste, cover sting, let dry and pull out the stinger!
11. Mix with water into a paste and remove bad fake tans.
12. Mix a little into your shampoo and it removes buildup in your hair.

In the Home

13. Wipe your windshield with it to repel rain.
14. Sprinkle it on your slippers, boots, shoes, and socks to eliminate foul odor.
15. Turn baking soda into modeling clay by combining it with one and 1/4 cups of water and one cup of cornstarch.
16. After feeding your baby, wipe his shirt with a moist cloth sprinkled with baking soda to remove the odor.
17. Keep cut flowers fresh longer by adding a teaspoon to the water in the vase.

18. Improve the smell of dishrags by soaking them in baking soda and water.
19. Suck it in with your vacuum cleaner to remove the odor.
20. Freshen the air by mixing baking soda with your favorite perfumed bath salts. Put the mixture in small sachet bags.
21. Put it under sinks and along basement windows to repel cockroaches and ants.
22. Sprinkle it onto your cat’s litter box to absorb the bad odor.
23. Mix 1/2 c with 3-4 drops of lavender and freshen your mattress.

In Cooking
24. Use it as a substitute for baking powder by mixing with it with cream of tartar or vinegar.
25. Soak dried beans to a baking soda solution to make them more digestible.
26. Remove the fishy smell from your fillets by soaking the raw fish in a baking soda solution for an hour inside the fridge.

27. Make fluffier omelets by adding half a teaspoon of baking soda for every three eggs used.
28. Reduce the acid content of your tomato-based recipes by sprinkling them with a pinch of baking soda.

Cleaning Purposes
29. Add a cup to the toilet, leave it for an hour, and then flush. It will clean the toilet and absorb the odor.
30. Use it to scrub sinks, showers, plastic and porcelain tubs.
31. Dry clean carpets and upholstered furniture by sprinkling baking soda over the fabric and gently brushing it. Leave it for an hour or overnight, then vacuum.
32. Combine it with water to make a paste for polishing stainless steel and chrome.
33. Remove scratches and crayon marks from vinyl floors and walls.

34. Use it to wash diapers.
35. Put three tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of warm water, then use the mixture to wash marble-topped furniture.
36. Sprinkle it on barbecue grills, then rinse it off.
37. Remove burned-on food from a pan by soaking it in a baking soda solution for 10 minutes before washing.
38. Keep your drains clean by putting four tablespoons of baking soda in them each week. Flush it down with hot water.
39. Mix 3 T of baking soda with 8 oz of hydrogen peroxide and  1 drop of dishwashing soap and remove pee stains from mattresses.
40. Add 1/2 c SLOWLY to a boiling pot of water to clean the stove hood vent.

The most amazing thing about baking soda is that it’s very cheap.  I just bought a 13.5 lb bag at Costco for $6. You can do all these things for a very small cost. Baking soda is truly a miracle product, whether it’s used for baking or not.

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Source: Life Hackery


  1. Tammy! Your blog is awesome! I really love cleaning naturally! And this one along with the vinegar is really going to get my house clean!

    1. There are so many ways to clean without harmful products! Safe for kids and pets!

  2. Who knew? And baking soda is not expensive either. Its amazing all the cool stuff you find out there. Keep blogging about it so we can be more informed.

    1. Don't forget to check out my new post, 50 Uses for Vinegar!

  3. Baking soda softens water. It is a bicarbonate. Now carbonate soda is really a powerful cleaner of grease. Very strong and you need gloves to use it but boy does it work. It was once sold as water softener and easily available. My sister once took the entire shine off her linoleum floor with it, OOps.

    1. Wow! I did not know that! Thanks for the insight. Your poor sister. It sounds like something that I would have done.


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