Do you remember this post here?

I had some left over 2x4 and had my husband cut it so I could make this.

Cute, huh?

Here's what I did:

1. 2x4's cut - 1 @ 15 inches, 1 @ 10 inches and 2 @ 8 inches
2. Paint - I used gray and white for the 2x4's and orange and black paint pens for the face
3. Vinyl - Let It Snow  and snowflake phrase
4. Fabric - My Christmas colors are blue, red and green, so I got 1/4 yard of each. I probably could have bought less. If you are just going to use it for this project, use 1/8 of a yard.

5. The scarves were simple, just wrap around and tie. The hats are a little more work.

I used hot glue for this project.
a. Take your fabric and fold the bottom up 1 inch, glue to secure.
b. Lay your snowman face down and wrap one side around the head, glue fabric to board. 
c. Wrap the other side around and secure fabric with glue.

Here is what he should look like...

Next grab some twine and wrap around the fabric about half way through and tie it to make it look like this...

6. Use wood glue and screws to secure the snowmen to the base.

And it should look like this!

I'm loving this craft, the only thing I might as is some fluff around the bottom of the snowmen, on top of the base to make it look like snow. What do you think?

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