I have to admit that ever since I saw this floating around Pinterest, I knew I had to make one myself.

This is what I  did:

I headed over to Home Depot and bought a 2x4x10'. I had them cut it there, now the rule is no cuts under 12 inches at the store, but most of them are really nice guys and will cut it for you anyway.

Base: 18 in
Frankenstein: 10 in
Pumpkin: 8 in
Mummy: 9 in
Ghost: 8 in


Frank is a tall dude, so I made him the biggest block. I painted him green and added some black vinyl . Other than his circle eyes, everything else is done freehand. Not to shabby I say.


The pumpkin was one of my shorter pieces. I painted this block orange and free handed the black vinyl again. It's not perfect, but most Jack-o-lanterns aren't, right? My husband took a small piece of wood we had left over from the nail polish organizer he made me and used his Dremel to create the stump and I glued it to the top and wrapped it with a little bit of raffia.


This was my second largest piece. Mummy's are pretty tall dudes too. He required no painting. At first I had just put black vinyl circles and then wrapped the block in burlap. The burlap is stapled in the back. I thought he looked a little plain, so I added some ruby eyes. I found a pack of 12 for $0.99 at Michael's. I just glued them on. The little spider is courtesy of my oldest. We had some extra pipe cleaner lying around and so we made a little spider added some googley eyes and now he's not so plain.


The ghost was pretty simple and really the least amount of work. I cut some ovals out on my Cricut and stuck them on and he was done. Since Mr. Spider is next to him, so he's not so drab either!

The base was painted black and I had the vinyl cut on my Cricut. Each of the blocks were screwed in to the base using two 3 inch screws. 


A cute decoration for your front porch! 

The trick-or-treaters are going to love these guys!


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