My mom came for  a visit this weekend.

She comes up once a month.

And every time she comes, I get crafty!

So, this is what we made!

Do you like?

14 in wreath
9 bundles of hydrangeas (3 of each color)
glue gun
glue sticks

It's completely up to you, but I did not wrap the wreath in anything.


Step 1 - Remove bunches of flowers from stem (leave about an inch)
Step 2 - Stick the little stem in the Styrofoam in the order you want
Step 3 - Remove flowers, hot glue inside, stick flowers back in to insure they stay in place
Step 4 - Glue leaves randomly
Step 5 - Tie ribbon
Step 6 - Hang on front door and wait for the compliments to come!

1 comment :

  1. It's beautiful! And looks so easy to make! This is definitely getting pinned and added to my list of crafts for this month!


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