I am a huge fan of essential oils and all natural lotions!

Did you know that Coconut Oil mixed with a little bit of Lavender  can help reduce the appearance, if not even eliminate stretch marks?

Or how about a couple of drops of Lavender rubbed on the bottom of the foot can make for a restful nights sleep?

My husbands favorite... rubbing a little bit of Melaluca on the top of your cheek bones can help you breathe a lot better?

I have used them for about 2 years now.

I have bought mine from different places over the past couple of years, but I am super stoked for Pure~Snickety's line of vegan body care to arrive!

Here is a little about Pure~Snickety from their website!

Pure Snickety is the art of being picky about your body care. Our products are artisan, hand-blended, vegan and cruelty free, made from naturally derived ingredients using organic content when possible and are fragranced using only pure essential oils.

Their mission:  Pure Snickety is a small business, creating artisan, hand-blended, vegan body care. We started Pure Snickety with the idea that the same results, or better, can be achieved using all-natural products instead of products made with numerous man-made chemicals that are shown to be not only bad for the skin, but for the body as a whole, and the environment. We also believe that whether or not you are vegan, you would chose products that cause no harm to animals over products that do if you can achieve great results. Wouldn't you prefer to cover yourself in coconut oil rather than animal fat? Of course you would!

And a little description of their products:  Choosing the worlds finest ingredients that are simple, natural, and full of pure elements is the best way to ensure the health of your skin and body. Today, there are numerous chemicals in skin and body care products, even products that claim to be natural. While, some chemicals may be beneficial, with little-to-no harm to the skin, others can be harsh on both the skin, body, and environment. Since the skin absorbs these chemicals into the body, it is best, in our humble opinion, to avoid the majority of them. Here, at Pure Snickety, we only chose ingredients that have proven their ability to care for your skin and body as naturally as possible. We make every effort to include organic content in our products and all of our products are Vegan. You deserve purity!

What I really love about this product is that it is created and designed by women! Who knows better about our skin than us?

I personally love their Saturday's Snickety Tips! Every week they post a new tip, for instance...

How to make home-made  facial exfoliant!

Vinegar restores your hairs natural shine and balances your skins pH levels!

Tips on keeping your make-up fresh!

They are getting ready to launch their products! Starting September 1st, you can buy your own vegan products!

Bookmark them now, because you are going to want to buy their products as soon as they are available! Check out Pure~Snickety!


  1. I love all natural products. And I really support companies that use all natural. I will mark my calendar for this! Thanks for the heads up!


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