Kid 2 gets horrible gas.

It brings tears to his eyes.

I won't lie. It brings tears to my eyes just to know he's in pain.

But here are some of the things that work for us:

"Bicycle" their legs - Lie the baby on his back and move his legs in a bicycle motion. This puts a little pressure on their stomach that may move the gas.

Make time for tummy time - Give them regular periods of adult-supervised tummy time. It's good for their head and neck development as well as a way to get the gas moving.

The football hold - Carry the baby in the football hold, (lie them face down on your forearm with their face cradled in your hand, and legs straddling your elbow.) This helps to get the gas moving.

Massage time - Lie the baby on his back and massage his tummy with your fingertips, rubbing in a small, circular motion beneath the ribcage down to the diaper.

Use a gas aid - With a doctor's approval, try gas aids such as simethicone to break up the gas bubbles. Some of my favorites, gripe water, catnip and fennel or mylicon.

Hopefully some of these help! If not, check with your doctor for some other tips!


  1. Tried the catnip and fennel on my baby and I have seen such a difference! Thanks so much! I have never seen anyone refer it before! It has saved us! You're the best!

  2. Catnip and Fennel worked great on kid 1! He was a new baby after we tried it! I am glad it worked for you too!


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