Do you know anyone having a baby anytime soon?

Want to get them something awesome?

Check out Carseat Canopy!

Here is the Hawkslee! $49.95 or **FREE if you use the code, FBLOVE. Of course this means that you have to like them on Facebook!

** Just pay shipping
Here is the Hawkslee Caboodle for $79.95 or $29.95 with the same code! The Caboodles come with the cover, a blanket, umbrella, minky cover ad head support pillow.
Here's the Eastwood!

I really want a girl so that I can get this one!
I mean, who wouldn't want a cute little girl sitting in this beautiful Caboodle?

So, just remember... baby shower coming up? Check out Carseat Canopy! Like them on Facebook, use the code "FBLOVE" and get a cover for FREE, just pay shipping or use the code "FBLOVE" and get the Caboodle for $29.95 + shipping!

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