1. Always swatch the foundation before buying and preferably in natural light. Remember to swatch on your face rather than your hand/arm; the color of your face may be different than your hand/arm.
  2. Identify your skin color and tone and choose an exact shade of foundation. Do not go darker or lighter, it will not look good!
  3. Choose foundation according to the coverage you want. If you have great skin and are just looking for foundation to even out your skin use a tinted moisturizer instead.
  4. Always apply on clean and moisturized face.
  5. To achieve the perfect blended look use a clean sponge or brush.
  6. Apply only on problem areas instead of  your entire face. However, you could apply it all over if your looking for even coverage.
  7. Dab it in and never rub or swipe.
  8. Always apply foundation with downward strokes to accommodate your the facial hair.
  9. If you want lipstick to stay longer and give a better color payoff then apply foundation on your lips too. It neutralizes the color of your lips which then gives your lips a closer match to the lipstick.
  10. Set foundation with powder and don't use the puff that comes with the compact. Instead use a fluffy brush. This will make the application smoother and even. Best brush set out there? Sephora! Best brush set on a budget? Morphe!                                    
    More makeup tips can be found at Maskcara!

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