Did you like my fall wreath?

I got the idea from here.

But I couldn't see paying $85.

So, I made my own, spending less than $25.

I headed over to Hobby Lobby and bought the things I needed. I loved it so much, I decided to make one for each season.

Even with the 2 wreath's (thus far), I've still spent less than the original.  

Here is my winter wreath! My husband is anti-red, which is ok because I love the navy blues and white! I'm in love!

Here are the supplies:

Step 1 - De-stem the flowers, I left about an inch of the stem on.

Step 2  - Place flowers in arrangement. Poke them into the styrofoam wreath.

Step 3 -  Remove flowers from wreath. Fill holes with hot glue.

Step 4 - Put flowers into the hole. You can also add leaves. I only added them to the outside because I wanted to hang something, I don't know what yet, to the inside, but the leaves can go on the inside too! (Just like my fall wreath)

Step 5 - Wrap ribbon around top and tie into a bow.

I can't tie a pretty bow to save my life, so I just know it so that I can have it hang from the hook. If you can tie a bow, go for it!

Step 6 - Hang up and wait for the compliments!

What do you think I should add? A snowflake? Our last name initial? Any ideas would be appreciated!

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