I am one of those people that has to have a clean house.

A really clean house.

My mom said that would change when I had kids.

It did.

But not nearly as much as she'd hoped.

Creating a cleaning schedule is not nearly as difficult as you may think!

It's actually quite simple!

First make a list of rooms that need to get cleaned:

dining room
living room
family room
theater room
workout room...

Next make a list of things that need to be cleaned in each room:

filing mail
make beds
cleaning bathroom counters
cleaning kitchen counters
clean out the fridge
clean microwave
clean ceiling fans
sweep out garage

Do you see a pattern?

Which of these tasks need to be done daily? weekly? or monthly?

Here you have a couple of different options. Do you prefer to do a task and get it all done or do you prefer to clean a room and move on?

If you prefer a task?

Make dusting a Monday chore. Vacuuming a Tuesday chore. Floors a Wednesday chore. Sinks, Tubs and Toilets a Thursday chore... see how it works?

If you prefer a room?

Clean bathrooms on Monday. Bedrooms on Tuesday. Kitchen on Wednesday. Living Spaces on Thursday... see how this one works?

I know. I know. I left off the ever dreading, but important task of LAUNDRY!

Do you like to get it done and over with? Or are you ok, with just doing a load a day?

I have my moods and switch between the both of them.

Right now Mondays are my laundry day! I don't do anything else but LAUNDRY!

A couple of months ago, I just added one load of laundry to each cleaning task I had. So Monday, I washed my babies clothes and cleaned the bathrooms.

A few months before, I was doing a load of laundry and dusting on Mondays.

Since cleaning can be boring at times it's good to switch it up, but always do what works for you, so that you can make sure it gets done!

Here are a couple of cleaning schedules already made. Maybe these will work for you!

I love this list. Mostly because it has things I may not think about that need to be done quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

These lists are big helpers, especially in getting started. 

I hope these help you!


  1. Definitely stealing that cleaning list tammy! Been looking for a cleaning schedule for a while now that will go nicely with my kitchen (pinned on the board.) Living in London with three messy kids is a nightmare!

    1. Awesome! Take away! I have two little ones, so I feel your pain! I hope they help!


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