Here's my back story...

My little 2 year old LOVES Hot Tamales... you know, the candy.

Well, a few months back... August to be exact, he decided to climb up on my bed and have a few of these. After he was done, he proceeded to wipe his red, sticky mouth on my clean, white bedding.

I was so upset.

I hate washing comforters, and just thought, "It's red on white, there is no way I will be able to get this off. Might as well start looking for a new comforter."

About 2 months had passed and nothing was screaming at me, 'BUY ME!!"

So, I decided to give it a wash.

Before I washed it I sprayed it with this,

I wish I had taken a picture, I really didn't think it was going to work, I mean the stain was 2 months old, but IT DID!!!

I have no red, mouth shaped stain on my white bedding! It's all gone!

All I did was spray and then get this, wash! :) I didn't have to let it sit for a minute, or 5, or 10, I just stuck it in to wash.

It is clean! I am happy! And this product will be staying in my laundry room for a LONG time!!!

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