I usually only go to the dollar store for party decorations and prizes for my boys for whatever I want to encourage them to do... potty training, chores, good behavior.

This time I had my husband in tow and we actually walked through the store. 

There are some great scores in there.

For instance, I did not know that there was a whole section dedicated to organizing bins.

Hello? Score!

So, I loaded up...

I got some for my boys room, some for the toy room and some for the kitchen.

Today I will show you what I did for the fridge!

My fridge only has two drawers, the crisper drawers. So, I have no place to store my cheese, lunch meat, canned biscuits... anything. Seriously, it's ridiculous!

This is before I go grocery shopping. With three men, (1 big and 2 little) this is about twice it's size.

Well, no more!

 Stick on a label and voila!

I like it.

Total cost: $3 without the label. $10 without the label.


  1. So clever! And cheap! That's my kind of storage!


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