It's almost here!

The birthday of our nation!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

BBQ's. Popsicle's. Fireworks. Flip Flops. Swimming. Coconut Oil. Picnics. Camping. Sunglasses. Watermelon. Parades. Sand. Sunshine. Lemonade. Road Trips. Vacations. S'mores. Bonfires. Fireflies.

Yeah, Summer at his best!

Well, I wanted to add to my Summer decor by painting a flag. Well, sort of. 

This was not too hard.

I used two canvas pieces. You can buy a 3 pack for just under $4 from Walmart.
Acrylic paint in Red, White and Blue!
And not pictured a star stencil and painters tape.

I took one piece and painted the whole thing navy blue. Then I let it dry.

Next, I took the other canvas and taped off two sections to ensure I had 2 white and 2 red stripes. I then painted the red stripes. I let it dry.

Finally, I went back and painted white stars on the blue piece.

Here is the stencil I made. Or if you have a Cricut or Silhouette, vinyl would be so much easier.

Find a spot to showcase your "hard" work!


  1. This is awesome and so simple! Thanks for the easy crafts to make my home look great!

    1. Thanks! And no problem! That's why I am here!


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