Do you remember my post on Luv You Forever Baby Items and More?

Today I am going to blog about the more part.

While I was hosting a giveaway with Saralyn, I purchased a diffuser from her shop. My husband and I have been using essential oils for a few years now and we finally broke down and got a diffuser.

This one to be exact.

Wait, let me go back and lay the ground work here.

My husband has some horrible allergies. When we lived in Utah, they were bad. Now that we live in Florida they are really bad! He's miserable! We started using oils to help with his allergies hoping to give him some relief. 

It worked, kind of. Some oils can be applied directly to the skin, others can be used in diffusers and some can be taken orally. Some can even be done all 3 ways. So, he's been applying melaleuca directly to his face {over his sinuses - the frontal and maxillary sinus areas}

It helped. It really did. But, it wasn't enough. He was also taking a sinus medicine at night and an allergy pill in the morning. He was using one bottle of nasal spray a week. He went through a box of tissues every 4 days.

Saralyn, informed me of the diffuser and the benefits it can have. So, I bought one! I also bought another product called Breathe. My husband adds 5 drops of Breathe to his diffuser every night. He rarely has to take an allergy or sinus pill. He now uses one bottle of nasal spray in about 3 weeks. And it takes him about 2 weeks to go through a box.

My husband loves it!

I'll be doing a post on essential oils in the next week or so. Don't forget to check back to see what amazing things oils can do for you and possibly a giveaway!

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