I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I used to teach Pre-K.

I was always on the search for cheap, cute crafts for my kiddos to make. 

I'm going to share a couple here with you that they loved to make.

Monster Mobiles

These are so fun and simple to make. My little guys had fun making these!

What you need:
Toilet Paper Rolls
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaner

How to:
 1. I gave each child 3 toilet paper rolls. Paint your toilet paper rolls different colors. Let them dry.
2. Punch holes in the toilet paper rolls with scissors. I did 3 holes for most, unless I added more arms. One in the top about 3/4 of an inch down and one on each side of the roll.
3. I let the kiddos glue on their googly eyes. Some had 1, some had 2, 3, even 5. Let them do whatever they want!
4. Put the pipe cleaner through the rolls (It's easy to get through one side, but the little ones have a hard time getting it through the other side) and let them shape the arms however they choose.
5.  Cut 3 pieces of yarn at different lengths. Tie a piece of yarn through the top hole and tie all three pieces together.



My boys love Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University.

So, we had to make Mike!

What you need:
Paper Plates
White Paper
Blue Paper
Green Paper
Green Paint

How to:
1. Paint a paper plate with green paint. If you want to save yourself a step, buy a green paper plate in the party section.
2. Cut 2 big triangles for horns, 1 circle, and 5 small triangles for teeth in white. Cut 1 smaller circle in blue. Cut 3 strips of green paper about an 1 1/2" wide in green. Then cut one of those strips in half.
3. Glue the blue circle to the white circle and glue to the plate for his eye. Glue the two large triangles to the back of the plate for the ears. Glue the smaller triangles in the shape of a mouth.
4. Fold the paper like a paper fan. Take the smaller pieces and glue them to the sides for arms. Take the longer pieces and glue them to the bottom for the legs.
5. I hung it with streamer paper. But you could also hang it with yarn.

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