I've been lucky enough to follow this new blog since the beginning.

It's still a little new. It's only been out for a month, but she already has posts that have made me think!

The blog is dedicated to helping women lead their lives in righteousness.

Some of my favorite posts over at, To Stand As Righteous Women are:

Be Yourself

"Who has the right to say it's wrong to be ourselves?  No one! God made each one of us unique so why not be the person we truly are? Even if others continue to label us, I say bring it on. The more unique I am, the more I stand out. I think people who stand out are meant to do big things. What are you meant to do?"

Raising Righteous Children

"Even though we want all our children to make those righteous decisions some may not make it easy for us to teach those principles.  We need to be strong and stand firm in teaching moral principles by countering the opposition of the world our children live in. We do this by teaching them in their homes. This is a safe place for them to learn and live good moral values."

Walking With Righteous Men

"What makes a righteous man? The answer to that is to have a strong righteous woman at his side. Her influence can do wonderful things for him. She needs to encourage and praise him as he puts God first in his life. She needs to help him rationalize good choices and fulfill his commitment to God. If a man can put God first then his wife and family will be a close second. If a man can put God first he will be a dependable, loving man that will be there for his wife and kids. He will be a responsible person and will teach his children to be the same. It's his wife that will be the key to his choosing to put God first or not. Do you see the importance of our role in the life of our men?"

You really need to check out this blog. What great words of wisdom!


  1. What a great blog! We definitely need some encouragement and help being righteous women!

    1. It really is a great source for encouragement and uplifting! I am glad that you liked it!


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