Nothing builds more excitement and anticipation that counting down the days until something big is supposed to happen!

I searched for a cute countdown for Halloween!

I found this one:

Halloween Countdown Print
2x8 Pine Board cut to 9" long (actual width measurement is 7 1/4")
Black Paint and foam brush
Mod Podge
@15" each of 1/8" black and 1/8" white ribbon
small plastic spider
2 eyelets

Halloween Countdown Block Directions

1. Because I printed the countdown on my home printer onto photo paper, I printed it a few days in advance for the ink to settle into the print.  It helps prevent the ink from smearing when the Mod Podge is applied.  I printed the image with the white background.

2. Paint the block and apply the print. When you apply the top coat of the Mod Podge, spread the Mod Podge on evenly with a foam brush. Let dry.
3. Inserting the Eyelets. {1}  Drill a hole the size of the eyelet or just barely smaller through the print and the wood.  Gently pull off any excess wood or paper from around the hole. {2}  Line up the eyelet with the hole. {3}  Put the eyelet tool on top of the eyelet and gently hammer the eyelet into the hole.  You may need to use a large nail to push the eyelet against the inside of the hole if there are any rough edges that could catch the ribbon.

4. Adding the Spider. Cut one 12" piece of black and one of white ribbon.  (I used purple ribbon to add some color) Tie the two pieces together at one end and clip the ends short.  Hot glue the spider over the knot.  Thread the ribbon through the holes so the spider is in the middle of the two eyelets and the black ribbon is showing above it.  Tie the ribbon in a knot on the back of the print in the middle, leaving the ribbon slightly loose.  Test the spider to see if it slides up and down easily and if the black ribbon goes all of the way to the bottom when you lower the spider, if it doesn't, loosen or tighten the ribbon accordingly.  If it's tied too tight the spider won't move as well.  Clip the ribbon 1/2" from the knot.

5. Adding extras. My board was bigger because I wanted to add a little more to it. So, I added the picture to one side and then added the extras. The two spiders were hot glued on and the "EEK" sign was hot glued and then I used the nail gun to secure it! But if you just want to do the sign, follow the exact steps 1-4 and use the supply list. If you want to add the extras, use a piece of wood 12' by 9' and the spiders (6 pack) and "EEK" sign (also included a "BOO") were $2.99 a piece at Hobby Lobby.

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