We tend to talk about the things that bother us, worry us, scare us, make us happy, make us sad...

When I am comfortable with the people around me, I will talk and talk and talk.

I can sit down and talk about all of my problems with my parents. I can mention every little detail. I feel so comfortable just talking with them.

I also have that relationship with my husband and some close friends.

But most importantly I have that same relationship with my Heavenly Father!

I have been laughed at a few times over how long my prayers can be. Never family prayers or couple prayers, but my personal prayers can go on for a while. 
But isn't that the point?

Aren't our prayers supposed to be us communicating with our Heavenly Father?

Remember that Someone else wants to hear about your problems, your joys, and your sadness. 

Pray a little bit longer today! Who else is going to better fix, reward or comfort you than Him!

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