I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases!

Probably within the next week or so, you'll be taking down all of those decorations and trying to figure out how and where to store them all.

I have to have organization or I will go crazy!

You don't have to go all in and spend hundreds of $$.

I started out slowly. I bought a few items here and there each year to store my Christmas items.

Here are some helpful organizing tips for your decorations!

Tree Storage & Outside Decorations

It depends on what kind of storage you plan to have. Do you prefer bags or plastic containers?

Tree Storage can be pretty easy and cheap depending on the size of your tree.
These are for 6 - 7 foot trees.

These can also hold all of your blow up and plastic, outdoor decorations.
Tree Bag $18

I prefer the hard storage containers for all of my outdoor & indoor decorations and tree. These are my favorite. They stack nice and easy into any space. I actually have 3 of these.
Tree Plastic Storage $31

Cheaper solution?

Keep the original boxes. If they seem to be falling apart, it's nothing duct tape can't fix!
Not quite as pretty, but an easy solution until you have some money to spend.


I make lots of wreaths, so I need these in bulk. Luckily I have found some great storage boxes.
Wreath Box $8

Wreath Bag $11

Want a cheaper solution?

All you need is a hanger and a plastic garbage bag. I'm pretty sure you have some of these things at home already!



I really don't like storing all of the boxes and containers that come with the original ornaments. They seem to be really flimsy.

This container stores 75 ornaments, it does come with the the dividers.

Ornament Storage $14

This one comes with dividers too and stores 60.
Plastic Ornament Storage $17

heaper solution? Maybe you already have plastic containers. Find some cardboard and cut to fit, glue plastic cups and add your ornaments.



These are genius!  What a great way to prevent the lights from tangling up throughout the year.

Both of these are perfect and cheap!
Light Storage $2

Both have clips in the corners to hold the plugs. Genius, I tell ya!
Light Storage $1.60

Want a cheaper solution?

Use cardboard. Not quite as sturdy, but definitely gets the job done!


What are some of your storage tricks?

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