There are some decorations that I just love to put up!

This is one of them!

It's so simple and easy to make!
 Seriously, less than 5 minutes and about $20!

I say $20 only because I took all of my extra ornaments and added them here.  But you could probably still come in under 20 bucks if you used $1 Store decorations!

Here is what you need...
A tall glass vase, you can find one here.
Epsom salt (scent free is best, if you can find it!), pine cones and ornaments.

Add the Epsom salt to the bottom of your vase, then just randomly add the ornaments and pine cones.

Some additional ideas: 
You could also add a string of lights if you want to brighten it up! 
Add a bow to make pop!
Spray paint your pine cones silver or gold! (I've contemplated painting it an ice blue to better match my decorations.)


  1. That looks so easy to do, and I like easy projects. Thanks for sharing this cool idea.

    1. It is super easy! And it's a nice decoration!


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