Winter is no fun when it comes to keeping your skin nice and soft.

A mixture of cold weather and central heat can really do a number on you!

Here are some tips to keeping your skin nice and soft throughout the winter...

1.Use a rich face cream. Your favorite summer lotion is not going to cut it! Look for a heavier cream that contains oils, butters and waxes.

Try: Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Dry/ Very Dry, $14

2. Skip the toners and harsh cleansers. These items tend to strip your skin of its natural oils. An oil based or creamy cleanser is better for your skin in the winter months.

Try: Mineral Fusion Ultimate Moisture Facial Cleanser, $12

3. Stop exfoliating so much. If you are really aggressive when you exfoliate, it can totally bite you in the bum! Use a washcloth daily or a mild scrub just once a week.

Try: Yes to Blueberries Softening Facial Exfoliator, $10

4. Slow down on the wrinkle treatments. You need to ease up on the anti-aging treatments or your skin will become a red, peely mess! If you can use a prescription retinoid once a week or find a milder OTC treatment.

Try: La Roche-Posay Redermic R Intensive Antiaging Corrective Treatment, $39

5. Give your lips some lovin! Your lips have extremely thin skin and produce very little oil.  {1} Stop licking them. {2} Use a thick, non-mentholated balm.

Try: Aquaphor Lip Repair & Protect with SPF 30, $5

6. Take shorter showers. {This is my least favorite, I love long, hot showers!}Hot water reduces your natural oils and leaves your skin quenching for thirst!Limit yourself to 10 minutes and keep the water warm, not hot!

7. Lotion when your skin is still damp. It keeps your already moisturized skin hydrated longer. Also wait a couple of minutes after you have lotioned to  get dressed.

Try: Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer, $7

8. Use  a serious lotion for your extra-sensitive skin. Use the fragrance free, therapeutic lotion rather than the sweet smelly kinds you love.

Try: Curel Intensive Healing Cream, $10

9. It's time to overdose on the hand cream. Once or twice a day will not cut it during the winter months. Keep some lotion in your handbag and at your desk, ALL OF THE TIME!

Try: Burt's Bees Ultimate Care Hand Cream, $16

10. Don't forget your feet! Please do not ignore them! Your skin on your feet are thick and can withstand all of the pressure you put on them. Use a pumice stone in the shower and then apply a nice, thick layer of foot bream before bed.

Try: CeraVe Renewing SA Foot Cream, $13

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