Is it too early to start prepping for Valentine's Day?

I love decorating for a holiday, any holiday. 

I have decorations for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

One of my obsessions is wreaths. Don't ask me why. I just do. 

If you hadn't seen it before, here are my Fall & Winter wreaths.

I decided for something a little different this time.

I went for a yarn wreath.

They are super easy to make.

What you need... 

Styromfoam wreath
felt sheets
glue gun
glue for glue gun
any embellishments

Step by Step...

1. Start by hot gluing one end of your yarn to the back, or underside of your wreath.

2. Now you are going to start wrapping. I literally take the entire roll of yarn in my hand and loop it through the wreath, over and over and over. **Do this step while watching your favorite movie... it gets kind of boring.

3. Hardest part, done! Now onto your felt flowers. Take your felt, and cut into a cloud circle shape. The larger your initial cloud, the larger the flower will be. For a big flower you can easily use half a sheet of felt, so stock up on felt...they are only .25 cents a sheet. If you want a picture tutorial, follow this link, here.

4. Now, start on any side of your cloud and begin cutting a circle out of it. It will just spiral around. Keep going until all you have left is a little tiny circle at the end. You'll need that little circle later.

5. Now start at the NON-CIRCLE end of your strip, and start rolling, just like you're rolling a tortilla. You may want to add a dab of hot glue to the roll every once in a while to secure what you've already done.

6.  When you get to the very end of the flower and you have that little tiny circle left, take it and hot glue it to the bottom of your flower, to hold it all together. Once all of your flowers are done, feel free to cut some tiny little leaves out of green felt, and add some cute jewels or pearls to glam it all up. Then just start hot gluing the flowers onto your wreath. If you want something that you can change up depending on the seasons, you can use a pin and pin the felt flowers onto the Styrofoam wreath by sticking the pin straight through the middle of your flower and into the wreath. It will hold and then you can easily switch out the style, colors, or number of flowers depending on the season {or if you just get bored with things quickly, like me.}

9. For the last step, take any piece of scrap ribbon that coordinates, loop it around your wreath at the top, and hang it on a hook or nail. Put it on your front door, on the outside of your house, on a picture stand on your entry table, or ANYWHERE else!

Need some more ideas? Check out my Pinterest board, here!


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