I am all about saving money! 

I never buy online without a coupon code!

My husband works hard to provide for our family and I make sure I work just as hard stretching each dollar!

I've recently been introduced to a wonderful site, Save1

As I read throughout their site, I was overwhelmed with the desire to share with you.

Save1 provides deals and coupons to thousands of our favorite sites. Each time a coupon or deal is used, they provide a meal to a child in need.

Here is how it works: Log on to Save1, type in your favorite store in the search box, click on the coupon code or deal link, make your purchase. That's it for your part.

The participating store sends a small commission to Save1 and Save1 then provides a meal for a child through one of their feeding partners.

Right now they have a limited promotion. They will provide one meal each time their website is shared on Facebook, someone LIKES their Facebook page, or someone signs up to receive Save1's weekly newsletter highlighting the week’s top deals and money-saving tips. Meals purchased from these three actions will be reported on the Meals Counter within 24 hours.

Their starting numbers are zero. Every person you see following them on Facebook represents a meal for a hungry child. Every time their website is shared on Facebook, the number shown in the Facebook sharing icon on their home page represents another child getting a healthy nutritional meal. And lastly, every subscriber to their newsletter will represent another child being fed.

Their Feeding Partner for this promotion is Feeding America.

Still have more questions? Check out their FAQ page, here

As of me writing this post, Save1 has provided 95,382 meals.

I am going to help out! Will you?

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