I love my mom! 

Nobody knows me like my mom does!

She will give up anything and everything for me and my siblings.

And just as much for our children!

I love this saying...

No truer words were spoken.

I am sure that most of you feel this way about your mom too!

My mom and I have been through a lot. Marriages. Divorces. 1 job. 2 jobs. 3 and 4 jobs. School. Births. Deaths. Moves across the country. Tears. Laughter. The list can go on and on.

My mom has taught me the true meaning of motherhood.


Becoming a mom teaches you that you are not the center of your world. There are more important things/people than you!

Your children.

It's amazing, as a non-mom, I never understood what it was to love unconditionally. But the moment they lay that baby in your arms {whether your own flesh and blood or through adoption}, you instantly become connected to this child. A switch is flipped and all of a sudden you are that baby's mom and you live for that baby and to make that baby happy.

Mom's never receive the appreciation they deserve. I hope these printables help your mom know just how much you love her and appreciate her.

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