I love necklaces!

They can be simple and delicate. Or they can make a statement.

I have lots of necklaces. Most are dainty. I usually don't make too many statements with my necklaces. They fit into my jewelry box. They look so pretty hanging up inside.

But my big, long, chunky ones had no place to go.

I was sad. They were all crammed into another jewelry box laying on top of one another. Not very pretty at all. 

Then I did this...

I followed this tutorial on making a magnet board. Or you can just buy one from a craft store and paint it just the same. 

I bought the magnetic hooks from Walmart. 4 hooks for under $4. I found them in the school supply section.

I spray painted them black and white.

The circles behind the hooks do come off and both pieces are magnetic. I left them black/ black & white/white, but they could totally be switched to black and white & white and black.

After I added some fabric to the sheet metal, but I wasn't in love with it, so I took it off. But if you want, Walmart sells a fat quarter of fabric in different fabrics for $.97. I loved this purple polka dot, but it just didn't go with my room well enough. 

I have to say I do love it! And it's not too hard of a thing to do, especially if you buy the frame already put together.

What do you think?


  1. Nice! And easy!

    I like it either way, but the fabric seems to soften it a little. Great job!

    1. Thanks! It's true, the look is a little less industrial looking. Maybe once we paint the walls I'll put the fabric back on!


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