I WON!!!

It's no secret. I really love small businesses!

I love the American dream coming to life in small businesses.

I found this shop not too long ago, called Juniper Tree Skin Care.

Here is what the shop's owner, Eva has to say about how and why she started this shop.

How Juniper Tree Skin Care came to be:
"I have always had sensitive skin, so I resorted to making my own skin care products, because the all natural products on the market cost me a fortune and love making things I can use. From the beginning, my home in Southern Utah has always been my inspiration. Soon my body creams and lip balms became loved by everyone who I ever gave it to, so I decided to set up this Etsy shop for all my family and friends to have a more convenient way to purchase from me.
I really wanted my skin care products to be unique, so I decided to add one of my favorite essential oils to all my products; pure juniper berry essential oil. The benefits of this essential oil are amazing for skin. Recently after I decided to open my shop, I went out to take some pictures and was able to capture an amazing picture of a juniper tree that eventually became my logo. It all fit together after that and my shop became Juniper Tree Skin Care, inspired by Southern Utah and made Juniper Berry Essential Oil."

Well, not too long ago, Eva ran a giveaway for her shop and I won! I could choose 2 lip balms and 2 creams. So, here is what I chose:

I guess I should start by saying, "Hello, my name is Tammy and I'm addicted to all things vanilla." It's true. 

The smell is amazing! And this cream is by far the softest and creamiest and leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized! My 3 year old has some serious dry skin on his back and bum. I started adding this to his moisturizing routine and it is really improving for him! I will definitely be buying more of this soon! 

Heavenly! I would seriously just leave it at that, but I can't. This lip balm is so creamy and goes on my lips so smoothly. My lips are definitely softer and smoother since I began using this product. I am in love with it! 

So good! To me, it wasn't as creamy as the vanilla lip balm, but it was still good. It smelled so good. This helped  my little guys with their dry cracked lips. 

This has become my night time hand cream. And I usually rub it on my boys as well. The lavender helps soothe them to sleep while both the lavender and tea tree help their skin.

Here is what I love about it:

It is so nice to know what goes on my lips and skin and not have to worry about the other products that I cannot pronounce. 

The smells are not overpowering, but still enough that you can smell it 20 minutes later, ya know?

The price is just right. The lotions are reasonably priced between $6 - $7 for the body cream. And the lip balms are $2. 

And  RIGHT NOW, Eva is running a special! When you buy 2 or more body creams you get a FREE vanilla lip balm! 

Make sure to check out her shop!


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