I love googly eyes!

They are fun and make any craft more fun!

Especially for kids!

Here are a couple we've made...

Spider Hands

I found a three pack of canvas for under $4 at Walmart. We painted the canvas with some orange paint. I used white paint to create the web and black paint with my little guys hand prints. We glued on some googly eyes and added a little smirk. I think it's the cutest little spider, ever!

 Egg Carton Bats

These are super easy to make. If you buy a dozen eggs, you will make 4.  18 count will make 6. I just took my kitchen scissors and cut them out. Paint them black, punch a hole in the top and slide in some ribbon, tie a knot on the underside and add some googly eyes. Super cute, inexpensive craft.

Here are a few of my favorite googly eye crafts...

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  1. Such fun crafts! I'll have to make some with my nephews!


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