It's time to organize the nail polish!

I have seen some cute and clever ways to organize nail polish.




So here is what I did... I gathered up my boys and headed down to Walmart.

I first did what I said I'd never do, (you know, before I had kids) and stopped in the toy department and picked them out each a toy.

Then I headed over to the kitchen section. Yes, KITCHEN.

I searched the aisles until I found a spice rack worthy of my taste.

There was nothing... BUMMER.

So, I headed over to Target, luckily it's on the right side of the road on the trip home!

I repeated the steps from above, yes another toy too. Luckily I shop cheap and find dollar surprises that my boys love.

And yet again... nothing. Nada. Double bummer!

We came home and I got online.

I saw this...


It's like the heavens opened and angels sang to me.

Luckily, my husband was taking vacation soon. So, I said, "I wanted something like this." He said, "OK."

But I also needed some other modifications.

This is what he gave me.

My modifications? Well, I wanted a spot for my nail polish remover, buffer and a few taller shelves on the bottom half for the taller nail polishes, cuticle oils and hand creams. 

The exact dimensions are 22 in by 36 in. I would have liked it wider, but the space I was putting it in was actually only 25 inches wide and I didn't want to push it!

I am putting this in a closet away from heat, away from sunlight to help preserve the nail polishes from getting ruined.

The top 3 shelves are 4 inches high, the bottom shelves are 6 inches high. The buffer shelf is 3 inches high and the nail polish remover shelf is 9 inches high.

As suggested, we headed over to Lowe's. We bought three 21/32 x 2 x 8 boards, which were $4.24 each at my local store. They do give you the first two cuts free. All other cuts are $.25 each. If you don't have a way to cut it, then have them do it there. 

2 pieces at 36 inches - {outer height}
6 pieces at 20 inches - {top & bottom to frame, plus 4 shelves}
1 piece at 15 inches - {smaller shelf}
1 piece at 13 inches - {diagonal board between two bottom shelves}
1 piece at 4 inches  - {buffer shelf}

My husband got a Father's Day gift which he just "had to" use for this project. It's a
Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit, you can find one here. I agreed to it because it would give me a seamless look on the sides since the holes come from underneath, except the small diagonal piece in the bottom. We did also have to screw the small shelf in, it wasn't long enough to add a pocket hole on both sides, so we opted for just the outside frame.

 Your other option would be to pre drill holes in the sides of shelves with a drill bit and then screw the shelves to the frame.

Now... to fill it up! 

What are your favorite hand creams and nail polishes?

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  1. As I'm browsing Pinterest and Google for "DIY Nail polish rack", I'm inundated with flimsy shelves made from foam boards, things that require power tools, and racks that just aren't big enough for my ridiculously large collection. Then I found yours. I'm in LOVE! It's attractive, doesn't look cheap, sturdy, has enough room (even for the weird shaped stuff!), doesn't require power tools and costs me under 20 bucks. Thanks, love! I'm heading to Lowe's right now ;)


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