I grew up down South.

I really do say words like, "yonder", "ma'am", "sir" and "y'all"!

I sit on the front porch of my Grandma's house with family sipping from our mason jars and eating things like fried chicken and biscuits.

Mason Jars are a staple down here and not just for canning.

Here are some of my favorite crafts using Mason Jars. And some of these would be perfect for Christmas gifts. Even more precisely, neighbor gifts.

Fall Scented Simmering Pots - These are delicious! And cute and simple!

Mason Jar Lanterns - Easy to make and an inexpensive gift!

Pin Cushions - This is the perfect gift for the seamstress in your life!

Beach Inspired Mason Jar Lantern - I live 6 miles from the beach and this may just be the perfect gift for all of my beach bunny friends!

Back to School - What a cute idea for the teachers in your life! Or even the perfect gift for your kid's teachers!

Cinnamon Honey Butter - I love Cinnamon Honey Butter. It's one of the reasons I go to Texas Roadhouse! This recipe is so good. I've made it multiple times! And this presentation is such a cute gift!

Chalky Painted Mason Jars - I have seen these all over Pinterest. I love the look and really want some for Christmas myself. These simple tutorial makes me anxious to get started!

DIY Snow Globes - My oldest is really getting into the holidays. And he loves snow globes. This craft is on our list! 

Kisses - These are fun to do! And super simple. Plus there's a freebie! Go and check it out!

Burlap and Lace - These are perfect for just about anything. Use as a vase. Store your makeup brushes in them. Paintbrushes. Pens. Tea light candles.

Picnic Caddy - These frosted mason jars are gorgeous! 

DIY Jewel Toned Mason Jars - Such a simple decoration. Perfect for backyard. I can see a few of these on my table on a cool summer night.

What are some of your favorite mason jar uses?

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