I have two little boys. Almost 1 and almost 3.

My mind was at a loss when thinking of what to get them for Easter. I mean, Christmas was just 3 months ago! But, I knew that I did not want any candy or very minimal candy involved.

Here is my list of gifts for Easter, no candy included!

1. Books
 2. Coloring Books
3. Markers
4. Coloring Pencils
5. Crayons


6. Silly Putty
7. Play-Doh
8. Watch
9. Jewelry
10. Superheroes


11. Barbies
12. Dolls
13. Puzzles
14. Games
15. Movies


16. Cars
17. Dinosaurs
18. Pool Toys
19. Sand Box Toys
20. Bubbles


21. Sidewalk Chalk
22. Kite
23. Sunglasses
24. Baseball, Glove & Bat
25. Golf Caddy


26. Nail Polish
27. Makeup
28. Action Figures
29. Blocks
30. Pajamas


31. Swimsuits
32. Dress
33. Yo-Yo
34. Bubble Bath
35. Stuffed Animal


36. Bath Toys
37. Jump Rope
38. Finger Paint
39. Gift Certificates / Cards
40.  $$$

Also, here are some more ways to stuff those baskets full.

Those plastic Easter eggs can hold more than candy! And they come in so many different sizes, you can really fit a lot of different things in there.

1. Socks
2. Stickers
3. Hair Clips
4. Bouncy Balls
5. Soap

Dinosaur Soap by Red Ted Art

6. Rubber bugs, dinosaurs, spiders
7. Glow in the dark stars
8. Shoelaces
9. Jewelry kits {remove beads and string from box}
10. Nail polish

Nail Polish To Match The Eggs by eighteen25

11. Lip balm
12. Jacks
13. Stick on tattoos
14. Cars
15. Legos
16. Finger Puppets
17. Bubble bath paint
18.Sponge Capsules (the ones you put in water to dissolve the capsule and a sponge shape “grows” out of it)
 19. Keychains
20. Favorite snacks

The plastic eggs can be filled with anything. Check out the party section of stores and grab some of those multiple packs of goodies. Also, never forget the Dollar Store. It's a great source for goodies.

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