Last week, I showed you the baby blanket and taggee I made for Baby E. Check out the tutorials, here & here.

This week, I made a monogram wall hanging to match.

Here's what I did. 

1. I took 3 pieces of canvas. You can buy a 3 pack from Walmart for under $4. I chose the fabric that matched the blanket and taggee. To make them yourself, simply cut a square of fabric about 2 inches wider and taller than your canvas. Then, just wrap the fabric around the canvas, one side at a time, and glue the fabric down with a glue gun. Just be careful around the corners to get a nice fold. Think wrapping paper!

2. I didn’t stress too much about making the pattern perfectly straight,  just be careful not to pull the fabric too much or you may notice some crooked lines if you are a perfectionist.

3. On the solid purple fabric, I laid a thin sheet of magnet before adding the fabric and added  some magnets to the back of the E and connected it to the canvas. And voila!

4. It looked a little plain, so I made some fabric rosettes with left over fabric. I used this tutorial here.

I'm a little obsessed with this look. I may end up doing one for each of my boys! Something to hang above their beds.

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