Do you have that one friend that just has it all?

She has the looks and the personality!

For me, that's Cara!

Cara and I used to work together in Utah. She has a little boy that is a couple of months younger than my oldest. She really is one the best people I know. I love her! And guess what? 



You see, she has this website, MASKCARA, it's pretty awesome!
It's an amazing site for hair and makeup tutorials, making your own makeup, and she even provides makeovers and has contests. She really is amazing.

Check out some of her posts...

Make your own Mineral Veil, here.

Best trick to getting the prettiest waves, here.

Supernatural Beauty, here.

You can follow Cara in many ways...

Trust me, if you follow her, you will not be disappointed!


  1. Oh my gosh Tammy! I am the worst friend! I never even saw this until tonight! You are the sweetest thing on the planet! I feel the exact same way about you, easily one of the best people I know! Thanks for making my night! Love you! Cara

    1. Thanks love! You are not the worst! I wanted to make sure others see your awesomeness! You are fabulous!

    2. You guys are too cute! Both of you have great blogs!


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