Holiday decorations make me happy!

It's right up their with cleaning and organizing. 

I know. Lame. 

Anyway. I looked at last year's wreath and I wasn't too happy with it. I do have to admit that I've gotten better in my wreath making skills.

My new Valentine's Day Wreath:

I am in love with it, no pun intended.

Here is how you make it:

What you need... 

14 inch straw wreath form
felt sheets
glue gun & glue
googly eyes
clothes pins

Step by Step...

1. Start by hot gluing one end of your yarn to the back, or underside of your wreath.

2. Now you are going to start wrapping. I literally take the entire roll of yarn in my hand and loop it through the wreath, over and over and over. **Do this step while watching your favorite movie, it is a Valentine's Day Wreath, watch a romantic comedy... wrapping gets kind of boring.

Onto the felt:

I used three colors: white, pink and dark pink.

1. Take your sheet of felt and fold in half, cut. 
2. Take a half sheet and fold it in half. Take one of those halves and guess what? Cut it in half. Repeat.
3. Take a half and fold it in half and don't cut in half, cut a triangle, that way when you open it, it's a diamond.  4. Smaller ones: Repeat the steps above and add one more fold in half and cut.
5. Make 8 large and 8 small diamonds.

1. Do the steps above all the way down to the smaller ones.
2. When you fold in half the last fold, cut half the heart so that when you open it, it's a whole heart.
3. Make 3 small hearts.

1. Cut a long strip of felt, I prefer wool felt (my strips were about 18″ long and 2″ wide) then fold over and glue lengthwise…just along the edge.
2. Then cut little slits however wide you like, and end them about 3/8″ from the bottom (glued part).
3. Then start rolling and gluing along the bottom edge.
4. The bigger ones: the darker pink before you complete step one, glue the white onto one side of the pink one on both side, fold in half and complete step one, step two and step three. The lighter pink ones: do steps one and two and then glue them together and complete step three.

On to the foam owl:
1. Here is the closest template I could find, here.

Completing the wreath:
1. Glue the large diamonds.
2. Glue the small diamonds.
3. Start out on the the back side of the wreath at an angle. Wrap it around, crossing across the diamonds. And back peddle in the opposite direction.
4. Take a piece of yarn for your banner and glue the ends to the back of the wreath.
5. Glue the owl and flowers to the wreath.
6. Flip over and glue a 2 inch piece of ribbon to the back/ top of the wreath. I usually place sewing pins in the wreath for additional support.
7. Hang that baby and show off your mad skills!

This wreath is also available for purchase in my shop: Owl Always Love You

Need some more ideas? Check out my Pinterest board, here!

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