A while back I mentioned that I'd do a series on cleaning and organizing.

I have also started the Organize Me series which has so far included diaper storage and toy storage.

I've decided to move on to the pantry.
My first pantry after I got married was a nice sized pantry. 
It was walk-in.

The room was 4ft x 5ft. 

I didn't realize they were not all like this.

When we moved into our apartment, I quickly learned this.
My pantry is currently 2ft x 3ft.

I had to come up with new ways to organize everything. 

This is what I came up with.

I started slowly because these canisters cost almost $4 a piece. But I slowly accumulated just what I needed. 

But something was missing.

I needed to label them. 

I've seen so many different types of labels and could not figure out which one I preferred most.

Then I found these...

I went to Avery's website.

It allowed me to design my labels without having to log in to Microsoft. 
{Am I the only one who still creates labels via Microsoft?}

This is what I chose...


It confirmed my desire to have a blue/green kitchen!

They printed off so nicely.

Here is how it looks.

I'm incredibly happy with it!

I decided to extend my label love to my canisters.

I can't get enough of it. 

I think I am on a label frenzy... I want to label everything!

Am I the only one?


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